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This destination suits:

The Caribbean has many different groups of islands:

  • Sailing/catamaran novices and families choose the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Protected waters, short distances and very good infrastructure make this a nice entry. When it comes to beach bars the BVI is the undisputed No. 1
  • Families and Gourmets should take a look at St. Martin, Anguilla and St. Barthelemy (St. Barths)
  • Experienced sailors choose the longer distances and open waters between Antigua, Guadeloupe, Dominica and Martinique
  • The most original Caribbean and nature can be found in Dominica, where, amongst other highlights, the 14-leg Waitukubuli-Trail leads you through the rainforest across the island from south to north passing rum distilleries for a drink and waterfalls for a swim
  • The best reefs can be found in Grenada, Saba and St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • The most beautiful palm-tree lined white beaches await you in the BVI, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Barths, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • A very special experience is Cuba. Please contact us as a sailing trip in Cuba will require special consultation with us


Which catamarans are recommended?

The Caribbean is basically the origin of Chartercatamarans. - A encompassing fleet of catamarans is available in the Caribbean, inlcuding the latest Bareboat, Crewed and Power Catamarans.

For protected areas such as the BVI and around St. Martin any type of catamaran is suitable.

The longer the distances are and the more remote the area gets the more you will appreciate a watermaker aboard that will allow you to desalinate seawater. Also any additional foot in catamaran length will result in additional speed and comfort. Runs of 100 nautical miles during daylight will be doable even if the Caribbean days lasting around 12h are comparably short.

Bareboat Cats from 38-42 feet and Crewed Cats from 45 feet and more will offer the best value for money.

Overview of potential costs/pricing:

What is the price level in the Caribbean?

  • Catamaran charter: Normal, BVI: high
  • Provisioning (Supermarkt/Market): high
  • Restaurants in towns: low (from 10 Euro incl. drink)
  • Restaurants in small bays/tourist areas: high (from 25 Euro incl. drink)
  • Harbour fees: Marinas normal (40ft from ca. 70,- Euro/night)
  • Mooring buoys: Very common (around 25,- Euro/night)
  • Fuel: Depending on the country/island: Mostly on regular European level, sometimes duty free and very low priced
  • Anchoring: Free



  • Cayos south of Cuba to Isla Juventud with the famous prison "Presidio Modelo" where Fidel Castro was imprisoned
  • Tobago Cays National Park
  • Anguilla's beaches
  • Dominica's rainforests, waterfalls and black beaches
  • Saba, the highest elevation of the Netherlands
  • The bars and beaches of Jost van Dyke (BVI)
  • Nevis
  • The pink beach of Barbuda
  • English Harbour in Antigua
  • Montserrat and the remainders of the volcanic eruption of 2010
  • The Pitons, St. Lucia most famous landmark
  • The island of spices Grenada
  • Les Saintes south of Guadeloupe
  • The celebrity islands of St. Barths and Mustique
  • The whalers island of Bequia


Crossing Gravenor Bay inside the reef

Anchor in the most shallow part of the Tobago Cays

They will get safe back aboard even after the strongest "Painkillas"

Dive for your own conch in Cuba

Know what Callaloo, Ya-Man and Bomba's Shack are

Survive even the toughest local-BBQ-night

Propose on Mopion

Know that in St. Barths' port of Gustavia even 60m of chain won't hold

Climb the pitons or sunrise



The antilles form a bow from Mexico to Venezuela - a vast area that still offers short distances.

Sail all alone in Fidel's Cuba, drop the hook at each bar of the lively BVI, enjoy the nature of the less known islands of Saba and Dominica, visit rum destilleries , dive and snorkel. The Caribbean offers stable conditions and the very best sailing winds almost all year round.
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