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This destination suits:
  • Thailand was made for catamarans. You will hardly dock in a port!
  • If you are looking for few yachts around you but still want to explore and enjoy yourself ashore Thailand is the right place for you
  • Thailand is not difficult to sail, still you should be confident in anchoring and have a basic understanding of tides and currents
  • Thailand is perfect to make the move from a monohull to a catamaran
  • Consider booking a professional skipper that will show you around or assist you in case you lack confidence
  • Numerous islands allow for shorter as well as longer routes, whatever you prefer.


Which catamarans are recommended?

There are only few Charter-Catamarans (and also monohulls) in Thailand. Therefore its remains quiet.

Any size of catamaran is suitable for sailing in Thailand. To stay independet a catamaran with watermaker (desalination plant) is recommended.

Choose Bareboat Cats from 38-40 feet and Crewed Cats from 45-62 Fuss for the best value for money.

Overview of potential costs/pricing:

What is the price level in Thailand?

  • Catamaran charter: High, as Thailand has a luxury tax on yacht charter
  • Provisioning (Supermarkt/Market): low
  • Restaurants in towns: very low (from 5-10 Euro incl. drink)
  • Restaurants in small bays/tourist areas: very low (from 5-10 Euro incl. drink)
  • Harbour fees: Marinas normal (40ft from ca. 50,- Euro/night)
  • Mooring buoys: hardly available
  • Fuel: Regular European level
  • Anchoring: Free
  • Nationalparks: Low, depending on persons aboard
Flagge Thailand



  • Similan islands Nationalpark
  • Phi Phi islands / The Beach
  • Koh Lanta
  • Koh Rok national park
  • Hongs ("Rooms" - parts of the sea enclosed by rocks, sometimes accessible by a natural tunnel)
  • The beaches and fishing villages of Ko Khood
  • Dinghy excursions to caves, hongs and up river
  • Rockclimbing in Krabi
  • The sunsets on Koh Chang
  • Ko Samui
  • Mu Koh Ang Thong national park


Dive the last meters from the cave into the Hong

Don't hesitate ordering exotic and unknown dishes from the menu

Feed the moray eel by hand

Hoist the mobil phone in hotspot mode up the mast to ensure connectivity

Need no ports



Thailand is a sailing paradise.

very few yachts are cruising Thailand and the same applies to the availability of charter yachts. There are very few ports usable for yachts and ervey anchorage is a highlight, be it in front of a beach, between rocks or in a narrow channel. The Thai kitchen is delicious and extremely affordable. Nature is an integral part of a sailing trip in Thailand.
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