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About Catamaran-Charter.de

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As an experienced agent we support you from your first idea to the day you board the catamaran and as long as you wish. We can offer you Catamarans with or without crew, be it a sailing or a power catamaran. Not "there" yet? Book a training with us.

25 years of experience as captain and charter agent for catamarans of all sizes.

We are looking forward to your call, Email or whatsApp.

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What is Bareboat Charter?

Be your own captain! A bareboat catamaran is a cat you charter without skipper or crew.

You decide where you are heading!

Is a Bareboat Cat the right thing for you?

You want to steer your catamaran by yourself, you enjoy making plans and discovering new places?

You have already acquired a sailing licence and/or experience?

Bareboat Catamarans are ideal to sail with family and friends that you have ahard time to convince to come aboard a cramped monohull for more than a few hours, that don't like the motion or get seasick easily.

Especially in tropical destinations the space, stability and sun protection a catamaran offer is key. You will not even want to go to a hot marina anymore.

You are new to catamarans?

You are an experienced yachtsman, but lacking a bit of confidence and unsure if a catamaran is the right thing for you?

  • The handling of a catamaran is in most respects easier than the one of a monohull
  • Catamarans sail a lot more stable and heel less, the feedback from the rudder is not as direct as on a monohull
  • The first impression when coming aboard a catamaran is usally "wow, it's huge". Though you wioll get to grips with that size very fast
  • Using the dinghy is a pleasure: It's launched fast and easy from the davits, the rigid hull makes it run very stable and fast. All the pain of launching and therefore hardly using it is gone aboard a catamaran
  • There are a few very performant cats available for charter or even racing, please get in contact with us if you are interested
  • Our trainings are the perfect way to get started on a catamaran. It only gets better if you directly take your own charter week right after the training in order to use and memorize the newly acquired skills

Here are our best offers. Feel free to adapt the list to your needs by clicking on "New Search". We have a lot more catamarans available, therefore please do not hesitate to contact us for your individual quote.

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